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Remotely interesting

23 April 2020

I'm quite chuffed about the upcoming meeting of the Association of Ancient Historians. The physical meeting — like all other gatherings — that was to take place in Iowa City has been canceled, but the meeting will still go on, only remotely via an online conferencing platform.

I must commend the conference organizers, Rosemary Moore (with whom I went to graduate school) and Sarah Bond (who is among the best at using social media to promote study of the ancient world), for putting this all together. I would not have been able to attend the physical meeting, but I can attend a virtual meeting, so this will allow me to hear the lectures and participate in discussions.

Even when we can again hold academic meetings in person, I think also allowing for an online presence will be useful and will encourage greater membership in our professional organizations and greater engagement with the general public. Certainly I'm considering this as a component of any future meetings I might organize.

In any case, I'll be one of those sitting in front of my computer screen tonight for the start of this year's AAH meeting.



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