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MichaelMeckler.com: Blog: More time consuming than I thought

More time consuming than I thought

22 April 2020

So spending all day at home has not turned out to be the time bonanza I thought it would be one month ago. There have been all sorts of things that have come up to steal away the day, so even without having to travel to a CSANA meeting or set up a dog show, that expanse of time I contemplated using to update this blog regularly just has not materialized.

And I really have been at home all day. Other than some dog health-care issues, I have left the house only to purchase groceries, dog food and pharmacy items, or to drop off mail and use the bank drive-thru, or to visit my mother.

Now we are approaching the end of the semester here at Ohio State, so I'm intending to double-up my efforts to be more productive. Getting shamed this week by an editor for an article that's late is also a motivating factor.

What the fall semester will look like, no one knows at this point. But I hope to make this the most productive summer in several years.



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