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MichaelMeckler.com: Blog: Why is this night different?

Why is this night different?

7 April 2020

I created my own Passover cards this year.

The situation in which we currently find ourselves came upon us so quickly that there are no cards in the shops that reflect it. So I felt compelled to make my own.

I drew the illustration myself, then scanned it, colored it and printed the cards. (My only working printer right now is black-and-white only, so the printed version I sent is in black-and-white.) The cards went in the mail last week, and most of my family and friends have already received their cards.

Today I have posted the illustration to Twitter. Here is the message I wrote on the cards I sent:

My Passover wish: That next year's Seder occurs under far less challenging conditions. Have a safe and happy holiday.

This is, of course, a wish I send to everyone.



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