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Sign of the times

26 May 2015

In my neighborhood — and, evidently, in plenty of others in Central Ohio — houses are selling like hotcakes.

One couple I know who were not planning to sell were approached by a realtor friend who had clients looking for a house. Two days later the house was viewed by the clients, who immediately offered full price.

Another house in the neighborhood was put on the market, and that day there were three showings, and all the potential buyers offered full price. After a one-day bidding war, the owners accepted an offer for $16,000 above asking price (which I thought was pretty high to begin with).

So yesterday I walked past a house that has been on the market for less than two weeks. A couple taking a walk in the neighborhood looked at the "for sale" sign, and the man remarked to the woman, "I thought this house would've sold by now."

If two weeks is considered a long time for a house to be for sale, that's certainly an indication that the housing market has recovered, and then some, at least in my neighborhood.



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