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MichaelMeckler.com: Blog: Hamp stamp

Hamp stamp

20 JULY 2014

My Ohio State colleague Brian Joseph sent me an e-mail yesterday informing me that our teacher Eric Hamp was featured on an Albanian postage stamp in 2012, quite an honor for a linguist and a living one at that.

Some online sleuthing discovered that the Eric Hamp 50 lek stamp was part of a series of three issued in honor of Albanologists (linguists who have studied the Albanian language). The other two stamps in the series honored Norbert Jokl (1877-1942; on the 60 lek stamp) and Holger Pedersen (1867-1953; on the 70 lek stamp).

I'm planning to visit Eric, now 93, again next month, and I'll have to ask him about the stamp.



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