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MichaelMeckler.com: Blog: Food on Friday: Durkee Famous Sauce

Food on Friday: Durkee Famous Sauce

30 JANUARY 2015

Like many Midwesterners of a certain age, I grew up enjoying Durkee Famous Sauce. The tangy condiment — sort of a mustardy-flavored mayonnaise — was enjoyed on cold cuts, cheese sandwiches and in deviled eggs.

With the demise of independent grocery stores, Durkee Sauce has become increasingly harder to find. I used to buy it regularly at a nearby Super Duper store, but the store closed in 2010. After I used up the final jars I had purchased, Durkee Sauce became a memory.

The other day I happened to be near an Andersons store and decided to have a look around. Andersons is a small, Toledo-based chain that sells home goods, hardware and groceries — a modern-day general store, if you will, but not on the scale of Walmart.

Well, lo and behold I found Durkee Famous Sauce for sale. I probably should have realized that Andersons carried it, but since I don't regularly shop there, it didn't occur to me to look for it. But now that I know where I can find it, I'll go out of my way every couple of weeks to make sure I keep Durkee Famous Sauce in stock in my cupboards.



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