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MichaelMeckler.com: Blog: Food on Friday: Muffin man

Food on Friday: Muffin man


Cakes made with fruits (such as apple cake), vegetables (such as carrot cake) and spices are a traditional dessert in my family, with recipes that are decades and generations old. But while the recipes stay roughly the same, the presentation has changed from how these cakes were served years ago.

Now we're more likely to make these recipes as muffins than as full cakes. Muffins provide individual servings that are easy to store and can be set directly on the table, allowing those eating to take as many as they wish. And one doesn't have to wash a knife and serving spatula, or worry about keeping the cut edge of a leftover cake from drying out.

The baking time for muffins should be reduced to roughly 1/3 the time for a full cake. And on servings, a recipe for a 9x9 cake will make about 18 muffins; a 9x13 cake recipe will make about 26 muffins.

Tonight's dessert, for example, are muffins made from a recipe for spice cake with diced dried fruit. The muffins will probably accompany some fresh-fruit salad served in little glass bowls. A perfect dessert for a family meal.



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