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MichaelMeckler.com: Blog: Food on Friday: A well-stocked larder

Food on Friday: A well-stocked larder

28 NOVEMBER 2014

Yesterday provided yet another example of the usefulness of keeping a wide variety of food items in one's kitchen cabinets or pantry.

My mother hosts the family get-together on Thanksgiving, and she telephoned in the morning to announce that she was lacking a crucial ingredient for the traditional preparation of mashed sweet potatoes: the marshmallow fluff.

Well, it just so happened that an unopened tub of the stuff was in my kitchen, and thus the day was saved without a trip to a grocery store or a change in the traditional recipe.

(And lest folks jump all over us for the use of marshmallow fluff, please note that other foodies in central Ohio also admit to putting similar foodstuffs on the Thanksgiving table despite actively promoting far more chic recipes.)

Anyway, it will happen that one runs out of something and forgets to restock, but it's always good policy whenever you see on sale in the grocery store an item that you know you'll use at some point, to purchase it and put it away.



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