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MichaelMeckler.com: Blog: CFP: Transmaritime Transactions in the Celtic World seminar

CFP: Transmaritime Transactions in the Celtic World seminar


The Department of English at the University of Denver is hosting a conference on seafaring peoples of the North Atlantic during the Early Middle Ages on 3-5 November 2016, and the conference has an unusual format.

The conference will be divided into six, topic-specific seminars of 8-12 participants, along with several workshops and plenary lectures. Seminar participants will meet over two days to discuss their submitted papers related to their specific theme, while also having time to visit other seminars.

One of the seminars has the theme "Transmaritime Transactions in the Celtic World," and organizers write that "With more attention given to the modes of interface between England, Scandinavia and their Celtic neighbors, we might better understand both the quality and effect of the high degree of transmarine travel and cultural exchange which occurred between these peoples."

Paper proposals of between 250-300 words should be submitted via e-mail to Joey McMullen at mcmull@fas.harvard.edu by 15 March 2016. Questions about the seminar may also be sent, and additional information about the conference is available at the conference website on the pages of the Department of English at the University of Denver.



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