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MichaelMeckler.com: Blog: A no-show yet again

A no-show yet again

6 JANUARY 2017

Although I had been telling folks I was planning to attend this weekend's joint annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America and the Society for Classical Studies in Toronto, I am, alas, a no-show yet again. It has now been nearly a decade since I attended the meetings, after having been a regular attendee for nearly 15 years.

I was hoping to make it to Toronto because it's so close-by (an hour plane ride away), and despite pressing obligations at home, it would have been nice to reconnect with a lot of folks I haven't seen in person in the intervening decade.

While my scholarship has always primarily looked at late antiquity and the early Middle Ages, my training and early teaching duties were in classics. Over time, as my professional connections to classics have lessened, less and less of what goes on at AIA/SCS is relevant to what I do. So while I was looking forward to attending this year, I wasn't even planning to stay for the entire meeting. I was hoping to "day-trip" or just spend an overnight, primarily to reconnect with old friends.

Events conspired otherwise. Not quite sure when I'll next attend, though Chicago in 2021 is a possibility. (I was registered for the 2014 meeting in Chicago, but weather kept me from attending that year.)

So I must send best wishes remotely to my friends gathering in Toronto this weekend. Enjoy the meeting. Wish I had been able to attend.



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