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MichaelMeckler.com: Blog: Have you hugged a medievalist today?

Have you hugged a medievalist today?

31 MARCH 2013

Across Twitter today, several of those whom I follow have been virtually "hugging" me, indicating that 31 March is International Hug a Medievalist Day.

I must admit that I was unaware of this holiday, and a quick Internet search discovered that the event appears to have been started on a Facebook page two years ago by Sarah Laseke, an MSt student at Oxford in late medieval palaeography and codicology.

Now it just so happens that 31 March is my birthday (shared with Haydn). And as I consider myself to be eminently huggable and a tolerably a medievalist, this must undoubtedly have been the reason for choosing 31 March for International Hug a Medievalist Day. (Or so I shall believe regardless of what anyone who knows better might say.)

So I wanted to let readers know that I am available for hugging today from all admirers, though comely maidens are especially welcome.



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