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MichaelMeckler.com: Blog: Daffodil arrival date 2020

Daffodil arrival date 2020

22 MARCH 2020

When I was more regularly posting to this blog, I used to keep track of the day when the first daffodil flowers opened in my yard. The flowers first opened on Friday, which was March 20. (The photo I shared on Twitter was taken today, two days after the first blooms opened.)

How does this compare to years past?

In 2013, the daffs opened up on April 9. In 2014, the day was April 10. In 2015, it was again April 9. In 2016, it was March 16.

Although I haven't kept track as studiously as I once did, my general recall puts the date somewhere in the third or fourth week of March in the previous three years, so this year doesn't seem out of the ordinary, though perhaps a tad early.

In any case, the arrival of the daffodils both brightens my mood as an announcement of spring, and causes me worry over how much work the yard needs now that winter is ending.



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