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Major publications


Classical Antiquity and the Politics of America: From George Washington to George W. Bush (Baylor University Press, 2006)

Articles in refereed journals

"Eric P. Hamp: 16 November 1920 – 17 February 2019," North American Journal of Celtic Studies 3.2 (2019), 201-209
"Releasing sins in Vergil's margins: A liturgical prosa in Bern, Burgerbibliothek 167," Journal of Medieval Latin 18 (2008), 247-256
"The assassination of Diarmait mac Cerbaill," Celtic Studies Association of North America Yearbook 7 (2008), 46-57
"Carnal love and priestly ordination on sixth-century Tiree," Innes Review 51 (2000), 95-108
"Traditional teaching or modernist manifesto? Matthew of Vendôme's criticisms of the ancients in book 4 of the Ars versificatoria," Journal of Medieval Latin 8 (1998), 192-205
"The Annals of Ulster and the date of the meeting at Druim Cett," Peritia 11 (1997), 44-52
"The beginning of the Historia Augusta," Historia 45 (1996), 364-75
"Colum Cille's ordination of Aedán mac Gabráin," Innes Review 41 (1990), 139-50

Articles in conference proceedings, Festschriften and edited volumes

"Comparative approaches to the Historia Augusta," in Edmund P. Cueva and Javier Martínez, eds., Splendide Mendax: Rethinking Fakes and Forgeries in Classical, Late Antique and Early Christian Literature (Groningen, 2016), 205-215
"Caracalla's sense of humor and Cassius Dio's Latinity," in Giorgio Bonamente and Marc Mayer, eds., Historiae Augustae Colloquium Barcinonense (Bari, Italy, 2005), 221-23
"Wolves and Saracens in Odilo's Life of Mayeul," in Michael W. Herren, C. J. McDonough and Ross G. Arthur, eds., Latin Culture in the Eleventh Century, volume 2 (Turnhout, Belgium, 2002), 116-128
"Kinship in Adomnan's Vita S. Columbae," in Dorothea Walz, ed., Scripturus vitam: lateinische Biographie von der Antike bis in die Gegenwart (Fs. Walter Berschin; Heidelberg, 2002), 723-730
"Caracalla the intellectual," in Enrico dal Covolo and Giancarlo Rinaldi, eds., Gli imperatori Severi (Biblioteca di Scienze Religiose 138; Rome, 1999), 39-46

For a complete list of publications, visit my Ohio State cv page.


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